ASIS Chapter 250 Breakfast Meeting

Security Management

How to Use the Attacker Mentality for Good

How to Use the Attacker Mentality for Good

In this article, Val LeTellier breaks down what traits make attackers successful and how organizations can leverage those characteristics for more proactive security.
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Dubai chapter holds regular study sessions for members are striving to attain ASIS International Board certification such as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Physical Security Professional (PSP) or Professionally Certified Investigator (PCI). Each study program is facilitated by a chapter member holding that certification.

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In accordance with ASIS International standards, our core committee is elected each year by the members. Our core committee manages the day to day business of the chapter as well as representing our chapter on ASIS International’s regional volunteer leadership team, the Middle East Advisory Council. Additional representative and support positions are then appointed by the committee on a chapter needs basis.

Dr. Abdullah Al Hashimi


Peter Page

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Sufyan Abbas


Phillip Johnson