Empowering Young Professionals

ASIS Dubai Young Professionals Liaison wishes to act as a channel to prepare and develop young professionals by offering a platform to associate and learn from security thought leaders, get engaged with chapter programs, and connect with ASIS peers from across the region/globe.

Our objective is to act as the channel between those who are either new to the security field via career transition or those in a student capacity.

ASIS Dubai Young Professionals work in a liaison capacity, reporting to the Chapter Chair.

Young Professionals promote security professions amongst younger generations and develop relationships leading to the sponsorship of chapter events, learning sessions, etc.

There is no age limit to becoming a Young Professional liaison; however, one should be nominated by the whole of the chapter board.

Syed Wajahat Ali

Meet Our Young Professional Lead Syed Wajahat Ali

I am fortunate to lead the ASIS Dubai YP Liaison. We have a lot of motivating plans in place.

Primarily, we are all about communication & social networking. Young Professional liaisons are passionately motivated to not only guide ASIS Dubai Chapter members toward study sessions and event within the chapter but also act as a compass that leads new members towards social networking opportunities as and when they arise. Social networking is the base for our career growth. Young Professionals not only boost professional paths for members but also enrich themselves.

Another pertinent item it is about mentoring. As a mentor in itself, the Young Professional liaison directs members to those who hold expertise in the security domain in a specialized The mentoring objective seeks to build relationships between young professionals and experienced security practitioners, allowing expertise to be passed between professionals in an effort to continue advancing the goal to keep UAE region safe in an ever-evolving environment.

Lastly, our planned events vary from educational presentations to informal, and focused groups sessions. We will always offer valuable opportunities to connect with other young careerists in the industry and often more experienced security industry leaders from diverse backgrounds who possess a broad spectrum of expertise interested in engaging in a training.

More to come from ASIS Dubai YP Liaison. Stay tuned! Stay safe!