ASIS Dubai Chapter meeting – 17th August @ Warwick Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Rd

Dear Members and fellow security professionals,

We are pleased to announce that our next chapter meeting, sponsored by Nedap FZE, will be held at 8:30 hrs on Wednesday the 17th of August 2016 at Warwick Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road. The hotel will be providing valet parking free of charge for our event.

In pursuance of our goals of sharing industry’s best practices and benefiting members from mutual learning opportunities, we are delighted to have the following two guest speakers:

• Leadership in Security by Joost van der Willik,
Joost is the managing director of Nedap FZE the sales and support office to the divisions Security Management and Identification Systems for the Middle East region. As Managing Director of Nedap FZE, Joost is responsible for and working with a team of selected young professionals. With the commitment to deliver sustainable growth of Nedap’s footprint for both divisions, the main focus is and has been to enhance the strategic positioning across the region.


• Business Continuity using Mosaic by Sandra Bendall,
Sandra is a Senior Manager Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services (FIDS) at Ernst and Young. She is an expert in fraud investigation, anti-bribery and anti-corruption, contract compliance, anti-fraud, integrity diligence, anti-money laundering and US sanctions compliance services, dispute and forensic technology and discovery services.

She will present on Business Continuity using EY’s Mosaic. Mosaic Services run 24/7 to assist a firms Business Continuity with Risk Management solutions that monitor an array of platforms and piece together information scattered across social media, the web, and numerous data sources. The service combines technology and a dedicated staff to deliver intelligent insights on entities and individuals selected by the firm through a secure delivery portal.

Please feel free to invite your colleagues and associates who may be interested (whether or not they are a member of ASIS) so that we can have greater diversity of perspectives and inputs.
We look forward to seeing you then!

Kind regards,
ASIS Dubai Chapter 250 Committee

Andreas Kärki

Program and Events

Special announcement! Complimentary Registration to ASIS 2016 62nd Annual Seminar and Exhibits in Orlando, Florida.

ASIS Seminar 2016

One of the benefits of having an active ASIS chapter is that sometimes we are able to give back to our members to help out when attending ASIS Conferences.

The Executive Committee is pleased to announce that we have received a complimentary registration for any lucky Dubai ASIS Chapter 250 member that would like to attend the upcoming ASIS 2016 62nd Annual Seminar and Exhibits being held from 12-15 September in Orlando Florida at the Orange County Convention Center.

Interested members should contact any of the Dubai ASIS Chapter 250 Executive Committee to put their name in the hat for the draw via contact form on the Contact Us page.

We need your participation before the 15th of August and will inform about the lucky member during the Breakfast meeting the 17th of August.

The recipient member MUST be able to obtain a US visa and pay for their airfare, hotel and meals to attend the event.

This draw is valued at AED 3651 (USD $995) for attending all 4 days of the convention. We hope all those who want to attend participate enter the draw by contacting the secretary via the chapter email via the contact form on the Contact Us page.

Good luck!

ASIS Dubai Chapter 250 Committee

Chapter Officer Handbook 2016 – Must download for ASIS International committee members

Download your copy of the ASIS International ‘Chapter Officers Handbook’ 2016 version via the members section now – must read for all committee members and those members seeking guidance on the roles and responsibilities for their committee members.ASIS Chapter Officer Handbook 2016

The purpose of this handbook is to assist chapter officers, with providing our members with the best quality programs, services, and information possible.

To access this download, please login to the members section and then under Volunteer Leadership / RVP & Chapters click on the Chapter Officer Handbook link.

Sports Team Travel Security – New CRISP report available for download by ASIS members

Connecting Research in Security to Practice (CRISP) reports produced by the ASIS Foundation Research Council provide practical, researched-based solutions to help security professionals effectively tackle a wide-range of security issues.

CRISP - SportsSports Team Travel Security is the latest report in the series. It has been published via a micro-site where the content is easier to access. Authored by Jacques Island and Peter Tarlow Ph.D, the report explores the unique risk that athletes and sports venues face and provides general mitigation recommendations.

CRISP Background
This series, launched in 2008 under the guidance of Professor Martin Gill, invites experts in specialized aspects of security to present their views on a specific security concern. The reports provide concise summaries of available research, deliver expert analysis, and offer proven approaches and best practices. Readers can integrate recommended actions with their own existing or planned security programs.

CRISP reports are sister publications to those produced by Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) of the U.S. Department of Justice. COPS reports, which can be accessed at, focus on policing; CRISP reports focus on security.


ASIS Dubai Chapter 250 meeting on Wednesday, 15th of June at 7pm @ the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club (DOSC)

ASIS_IFTAR_AT_DOSC_15JUN2016Dear Members and fellow security professionals,

Ramadan Kareem!

ASIS Dubai Chapter 250 will be holding its June meeting at the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club (DOSC) in Jumeirah Beach Road on Wednesday, 15th of June at 7pm.

Our speakers will be presenting on Transportation Security and the event is kindly sponsored by Ospray Systems. To celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan with our members, we will be sharing a complimentary Iftar meal provided by the sponsor.

All ASIS members and non-members are invited to attend this meeting. Parking is available inside the club, simply inform the gate guard that you are attending the ASIS meeting.

ASIS Dubai CPP and PSP study groups continues to reach new heights

Dubai chapter CPP Study group

Dubai based security professionals who are chapter members of ASIS International continue to meet each fortnight as they study together with the aim of achieving their Board certification in either Certified Protection Professional (CPP)® or Physical Security Professional (PSP)®.  Study sessions are conducted alternative fortnights, i.e. one week CPP, next week PSP, next week CPP, etc.

With the CPP study program led by Nadeem Iqbal, CPP, MSyl, this week eight chapter members participated with various participants delivering content and a vigorous discussion ensured on several points. The CPP credential provides demonstrable proof of knowledge and management skills in eight key domains of security. Those who earn the CPP are ASIS board-certified in security management.

PSP sessions are co-facilitated by Phillip Johnson, PSP and Tamer Hashem, MSc CPP BCCE MSyI with regular attendance by 4 members who are passionate about attaining Board certification along with learning about physical security systems. The PSP credential provides demonstrable knowledge and experience in threat assessment and risk analysis; integrated physical security systems; and the appropriate identification, implementation, and ongoing evaluation of security measures. Those who earn the PSP are ASIS board certified in physical security.

Emirates Airlines Group Security, via the Centre for Aviation and Security Studies, the chapter’s platinum sponsor, willingly hosts the study sessions in Emirates Aviation College (Building B), located on 31 A Street, Garhoud, Dubai (opposite Irish Village).

We welcome additional members and those security professional interested in attending to reach to a committee member or email the chapter at

Next chapter meeting on 18th May with two guest speakers, from Emaar & Securiguard Middle East

Dear Members and fellow security professionals,

I am pleased to announce that our chapter meeting for May 2016, shall be held at 19:30 hrs on Wednesday the 18th of May 2016 at Emirates Aviation College Building B Auditorium. Please note that this is not the usual building and is across the street from Building A where we normally meet. In pursuance of our goals of sharing industry best practices and benefitting members from mutual learning opportunities, we are delighted to have the following two guest speakers:

  • Security Function Deployment by Amjad Alata

Amjad is Senior Manager, Security & HSE at Emaar Entertainment and holds a Master’s Degree in Total Quality Management and Organizational Excellence from Sheffiled Hallam University. Amjad was a speaker at the recent ASIS Security Conference & Exhibition.

Amjad will present tools and techniques which can be deployed to achieve excellence in security & safety programs.

  • Security Program Performance Measures by Nadeem Iqbal, CPP

Nadeem is Director Business Development with Securiguard Middle East. He is a certified balance score card & KPI professional. Nadeem will be speaking on the framework of establishing performance measures for security programs.

Please feel free to invite your colleagues and associates who may be interested (whether or not they are a member of ASIS) so that we can have greater diversity of perspectives and inputs.

I look forward to seeing you then!

Kind regards,

Peter Page VR, MSc, PGC, CSyP, CPP, FSyI, MBCI

Pursuit of Excellence – Studying for CPP accomplishment

Nadeem Iqbal CPP,MSyI. Director Business Development at Securiguard ME

Importance and relevance of professional certifications to the challenging job environment cannot be overemphasised though achieving certifications for true reasons and application of the knowledge can be deliberated to any length. Those, who make a conscious choice to pursue CPP; are somewhat likely to be overwhelmed for some time, as is the case with any new project or assignment in life. How to study, for how long, self-study or join a group and many more questions may blur and for some, may remain unresolved even half way through the study program. The best approach is very much dependent upon learning style and the initial research however; one thing common to all aspirants is, that you will have to study a lot no matter how experienced and knowledgeable you are.

 This document is a Pro Bono gesture to thank those who helped me gain my certification as well as a guide for those who are at the start point. Furthermore; the approach recommended below is my personal opinion and by no means should be read as contradiction to what you have read elsewhere. There is plenty of information available on the internet and ASIS handbook serves a very good reference, yet there is no one size that fits all.

Reasons to Study

  • Enhancement of professional knowledge
  • Awareness with Industry best practices
  • A different perspective to what you might have learnt and practiced for many years
  • Recognition and Credibility of Certification (should not be the main objective)


  • Reference Books (POA Standards + Guidelines) Hard copies or soft is matter of personal choice- I recommend e-versions.
  • PC and Internet connectivity
  • PC again but here it implies “Personal Commitment”
  • Support from professional circle and family

Taking the Dive

POA Manual has 8 modules, of which “Legal Issues” is not applicable outside the US. Also, there are 6 Standards and Guidelines with wealth of information though sometimes, these can be frustrating to study because lots of references to articles, codes and laws may not be common to all learners.  Here internet connectivity pays the dividends and brings the interest back as high level research can provide examples and insights. Remember; POA is compiled and edited by industry veterans and does not necessarily always follow the curriculum design trends that you might have been following till date.

 Getting the Feel

It would be worth the time to study through the table of contents of each module and also repeat it few more times occasionally.  Once you have a fair idea of what subjects are covered in which module, expanded through which standard and supported through which guideline, selection of your approach can be much easy.  Please do spend some time studying the Certification Exam Handbook.

Domains and Tasks Approach: This can be challenging for some; I struggled to find the relevant information thru the study references and relate those to the Tasks. One needs to have fairly good knowledge of the concepts and understanding about what a task might entail.

B2B Approach:  I found it relatively easy to study all modules back to back and from my initial efforts of scanning all indexes, I was able to link relevant standards & guidelines. To be honest; I also paid to join a distance learning program as my mentor had developed a good frame work though I have changed that slightly. Joining the group made me follow a discipline and track progress which is by far the most difficult part of independent study.

I recommend to start light & easy and increase the amount of study and information variety gradually. Do not pressurise yourself to study too much in one session and do not, I repeat do not, flip a page until you have taken some notes. This is the most crucial part of the study and results are proportional to the efforts that you spend in taking notes. Do not get tempted to see the flashcards or questions shared by various study groups; those are all very helpful but at the stage once you have been through the study reference material.  Moreover, there is enormous information that you have to register by cramming and there is no way around that i.e. figures, statistics and references to a research conducted, genesis of a concept etc.

Block Study Program

Sequence below illustrates relevance of POA modules to standards & guidelines but this is not a cast on the stone. You may like to follow what suits your current knowledge and aptitude.

  • Module 1  : Security Officer Operations + Standard Chief Security Officer
  • Module 2: Crises Management + Standard Business Continuity Management + Standard Organizational Resilience
  • Module 3: Security Management + Standard Workplace Violence
  • Module 4: Investigations + Pre-employment Background Screening (GL) + Standard Investigations
  • Module 5: Information Security+  Information Asset Protection Guideline
  • Module 6: Physical Security + Facilities Physical Security Measures (GL)+ General Security Risk Assessment     (GL)+ Standard Risk Assessment
  • Module 7: Applications
  • Module 8: Legal Issues (applicable in US only)

Taking Notes

I wish to make justice with this critical point without boring you, may I say “Your notes are the gap in your knowledge area or the new information that you have registered -do not find the easy way by looking at questions set up by others”. See the para below and notes extracted thereof as an example:

 One of the greatest liabilities an organization faces involves issuing deadly weapons to security officers. Liability is obvious when the weapons are issued to proprietary officers. Some assets protection managers think that when a contract security vendor is used and the outsourcing contract is properly drawn, most of the liability is shifted to the vendor. However, legal actions usually involve anyone remotely associated with a situation. Payment for the vendor services indicates an acceptance of the vendor’s management style and practices; thus, crucial policies and protocols should be prescribed by the organization that employs the vendor.” (Security Officer Operations – page 14)

Notes / Learning Points:

  • The liability of issuing deadly weapons does not transfer in entirety to the vendor in a contracted security function.
  • All parties involved in managing a security function where deadly weapons are provided, hold the liabilities to some extent.
  • Payment of the vendor services implies acceptance of vendor’s performance / service.

 Questions, Answers and Distractors

Some questions in the exam can be lengthy & tricky to divert the focus and distractors can be very appealing to be the right answer under varying circumstances, however; the correct answer is what is implied from the POA.  Therefore; I recommend once you have studied the entire material and taken your notes, do spend some time reading and referencing question banks available from various resources.

Last not the least; going through the study reference material once may not be sufficient unless the reader is exceptionally intelligent with tremendous retention ability. A second and perhaps third round will only help to reassure what you have retained earlier. Remember, certification was one of the reasons for taking the study; keep reminding this aspect to yourself again and over.

Best of luck with your study and certification efforts.

I shall be happy to help further though regret to share copy of POA or question banks.

Please feel free to write for assistance within professional code of conduct.

ASIS Board certification useage update

PCB LogoPlease note the following communication from ASIS International’s Professional Certification Board:

There are numerous reported cases of the ASIS International certification marks (CPP®, PCI®, and PSP®) either being used by unauthorized individuals or inappropriately.

Those who falsely  identify themselves as ASIS certificants and provide services under this disguise, expose the  organization to liability and may pose a danger to the public. In an effort to combat unauthorized usage, the certification department is ramping up its efforts to ensure designation misuse is reported.

Guidelines for usage of the certification marks are now highlighted online and featured in the upcoming certification newsletter.

Also in need of attention are updated requirements outlined by the American National Standards Institute/International Standards Organization (ANSI/ISO) for use of a certification body’s marks (under Clause 9.7). These provisions require active ASIS certificants to comply with a usage agreement. To simplify this process, an agreement will be sent to certificants to review and upload into their recertification record under the “Other Accomplish” Credit Type.

Please view the agreement here

For convenience, highlighted portions are below:

“As an ASIS International certificant in good standing, I agree to:

Only use the certification mark on materials to identify myself as certified (such a business cards, stationery, resumes and correspondence including electronic);
Not appropriate the certification mark(s) as my own trademark or service marks or incorporate the marks into my own source identifiers (incorporated in the name of a practice or a logo);
Not to make unauthorized or misleading statements that may disrepute the certification body;
Remove the certification marks from all materials if I fail to recertify.”

It is important that all ASIS volunteers share these important details with constituents via their preferred communication channels. The PCB thanks you for supporting these enforcement efforts and may be reached via should you have concerns.

Should any member have additional questions please contact a committee member

ASIS Dubai chapter meeting 19:00 on Wednesday 16 March 2016 @ Emirates Aviation College

The Dubai chapter will hold their March chapter meeting at 19:00 on Wednesday 16 March 2016 at Emirates Aviation College Auditorium.

We have several items to discuss and our presentations will be on Perimeter Security Elements of Design and Linking Security to Business Strategy.

Location: Emirates Training Centre located at 31A Street, Garhoud, Dubai – A map of the location is located at

We look forward to seeing all of you at the meeting.