ASIS Board certification useage update

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Please note the following communication from ASIS International’s Professional Certification Board:

There are numerous reported cases of the ASIS International certification marks (CPP®, PCI®, and PSP®) either being used by unauthorized individuals or inappropriately.

Those who falsely  identify themselves as ASIS certificants and provide services under this disguise, expose the  organization to liability and may pose a danger to the public. In an effort to combat unauthorized usage, the certification department is ramping up its efforts to ensure designation misuse is reported.

Guidelines for usage of the certification marks are now highlighted online and featured in the upcoming certification newsletter.

Also in need of attention are updated requirements outlined by the American National Standards Institute/International Standards Organization (ANSI/ISO) for use of a certification body’s marks (under Clause 9.7). These provisions require active ASIS certificants to comply with a usage agreement. To simplify this process, an agreement will be sent to certificants to review and upload into their recertification record under the “Other Accomplish” Credit Type.

Please view the agreement here

For convenience, highlighted portions are below:

“As an ASIS International certificant in good standing, I agree to:

Only use the certification mark on materials to identify myself as certified (such a business cards, stationery, resumes and correspondence including electronic);
Not appropriate the certification mark(s) as my own trademark or service marks or incorporate the marks into my own source identifiers (incorporated in the name of a practice or a logo);
Not to make unauthorized or misleading statements that may disrepute the certification body;
Remove the certification marks from all materials if I fail to recertify.”

It is important that all ASIS volunteers share these important details with constituents via their preferred communication channels. The PCB thanks you for supporting these enforcement efforts and may be reached via should you have concerns.

Should any member have additional questions please contact a committee member